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Our focus is, and always will be, on SEO. It occupies all our thoughts and everything we do. That’s why customized, ambitious, and innovative SEO strategies are our core services. With our SEO strategies, we will help companies reach the peaks of Google’s organic search results and become visible exactly in those areas where the target audiences are looking.

Our history

Bonzer emerged in Denmark in 2017 based on the idea that we wanted to, and were able to, make even better SEO efforts than the Danish agencies that were leaders in the field of SEO at that time. In the years that have since passed, Bonzer has also taken over the Swedish and Norwegian markets. We have proved our worth with hundreds of successful SEO strategies and client collaborations in our repertoire.

But, we’re far from done showing just what places we can reach. There are still many talented and ambitious companies we’ve not yet had the honor of working with and creating ambitious SEO strategies for. These are the ones we would love to meet – and these are the ones whom we can strengthen through visibility by placing them at the top of the Google search results.

The long-term and reasonable way of marketing

Every company with great ambitions and growth goals should have the opportunity to get its potential realized with SEO. This is an opportunity we provide. We live and breathe exclusively for SEO and the immense and endless opportunities for growth, increased visibility, and company knowledge that lie within a custom-made SEO strategy specifically based on a company’s unique situation, ambitions, and goals.

SEO is our speciality and what is closest to our hearts. This is mainly because with SEO, we can help create long-term visibility on Google. Achieved SEO results are long-lasting and will not disappear the second you are not fully focused on the SEO work. If you don’t have a watchful eye on the results and if you don’t intervene and maintain the issues and proposals for optimization when Google requires you to do it – the results will, of course, not last forever. But unlike paid marketing – where results and efforts will disappear the second you stop paying for them – SEO results will not disappear overnight.

SEO is a long-term and reasonable marketing approach that can bring your sales, visibility, and know-how to levels you have only dared to dream of – with the right people doing the SEO-work.

The SEO premise: meet clients where they want to be met

SEO is the chance to meet customers exactly where they want to be met – whether in the moment they enter Google to actively look for a service or product, or they have questions to which a company can provide answers. Most paid marketing methods operate on a different premise: a premise that revolves around reaching as great a part of a target market and audience as possible – without taking into consideration whether individual and specific people are looking for the specific company or not.

The SEO premise is quite different. With SEO, you do not pay to get content released to an entire target audience – a large percentage of whom are not interested – the instant they encounter the content. With SEO, you instead use non-paid content to reach a target audience in the different phases of their search intent. This means you’ll be able to reach them in the exact moments they find themselves in, giving them the service, product, or answer they need.

Bonzer has emerged from that exact premise and the wish to help all ambitious companies with increased visibility and knowledge, resulting in growth and many new customers.

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Team Bonzer

We’re a diverse team of the most skilled specialists in the business that work to ensure our clients get the organic growth they deserve.