Key results

  • Growth in organic traffic: 477.59%
  • Growth in organic conversions: 158.48%.
  • Growth in traffic value: 497.11%
  • Growth in keywords on page 1: 238.97%

LogPoint and the impressive growth in their SEO metrics

In August 2020 we started our collaboration with the cybersecurity company LogPoint doing SEO on the American market. In October, we agreed on an even bigger collaboration doing SEO on both the American, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, French and German markets. 

Now we have worked with LogPoint for more than 11 months, and the results of our international efforts are very clear. In this case, we will walk you through:

  • Who is LogPoint?
  • Which results did we achieve in our work with LogPoint?
  • LogPoint’s growth in organic traffic
  • LogPoint’s growth in conversions
  • LogPoint’s growth in traffic value
  • LogPoint’s growth in keywords on page 1
  • What did we do to create these results?

Who is LogPoint?

LogPoint is an IT company supporting cybersecurity, compliance, IT operations, and business analytics. LogPoint provides cyber defences with their modern SIEM and UEBA solutions to security teams and industries of every size around the world. They work with major clients across many industries and countries.

In LogPoint’s customer base, you find Lanchester University, Region Värmland, and the Danish National Life Science Supercomputing Center (Computerome) who have all implemented a LogPoint solution to handle potential cyber threats. 

Which results did we achieve in our work with LogPoint?

LogPoint’s growth in organic traffic

To increase the organic traffic to LogPoint’s site, we targeted highly relevant keywords with a great monthly volume and commercial value across all of the six markets on which we work with SEO. The positive effects are evident.

As you can see, the traffic to LogPoint’s site has increased significantly every month since we started the collaboration. And when you compare June 2020 to June 2021, you see no less than an increase in organic traffic of 477.59%.

LogPoint’s growth in conversions

LogPoint’s main conversion to track is when visitors submit a form to book a demo for their solutions. And the increase in this conversion metric is also very prominent. We see an increase in forms submitted from January 2021 to June 2021 on 158.48%.

LogPoint’s growth in traffic value

Traffic value is a metric that shows the change in the equivalent value of the organic search traffic, should that traffic have been acquired through paid-per-click from ads. LogPoint’s traffic value has seen a massive increase, especially in the last month, and this increase is continuing. Comparing the traffic value from the beginning of July 2020 to the beginning of July 2021, we see an increase in the traffic value of 497.11%.

LogPoint’s growth in keywords on page 1

We also see impressive growth in keywords on page 1 for LogPoint. When we started in August 2020, LogPoint ranked for 136 keywords on page 1. And now, at the start of July 2021, LogPoint ranks for 461 keywords on page 1. This means an increase of no less than 238.97% during this 11 month period.

How did we do to create these results?

Ambitious international SEO strategy

As mentioned, we began an international SEO strategy with Logpint in October. LogPoint wanted to be more present online in both the American, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, French, and German markets, and we, therefore, expanded our initial agreement. LogPoint already had a strong website with language versions in both American, French, and German, but they did not have a Danish, Norwegian, or Swedish website. The creation of these pages was a fundamental part of the overall strategy, as language versions are necessary in order to rank locally for important keywords.

Technical SEO: language versions and Core Web Vitals

Some of the first technical SEO work we did was the language versions for these missing markets on the LogPoint site. We created the menus for every missing language so that we could fill in translated content and new market-specific content on these new pages. In collaboration with LogPoint’s developer, we also fixed and made a lot of changes to LogPoint’s Core Web Vitals so that the site would be as technically healthy as possible and have the right preconditions to rank for important keywords on all the markets above.

Tailored strategies 

As no two markets are the same, we did not make the exact same strategies across all the markets we are working on. Therefore, we did specific content plans for every market to create market-specific content with high local volume and commercial value. Regarding our chosen link building tactics, some of these were chosen for all of the markets. However, we also saw great potential in tailoring certain link building tactics to specific markets.

Link building focus across all markets

Our link building approach on all markets has been and continues to be focusing on making niche content relevant to a broader target group and picking up on current incidents such as cyber-attacks on market-specific businesses. In order to do link building, we made content far more digestible than the typical IT company content. We also added specific examples of e.g. cyberattacks to make it more interesting for the target audience of our outreach.

Market-specific link building tactics

In certain markets, it made great sense to tailor our strategies. For example, we saw a notable opportunity in the German market to do content and link building regarding SAP Security (Systems, Applications, Products) – a big topic, particularly in Germany. For Germany, we also focused on making niche content relevant for a broader target group and picking up on current incidents such as current cyber-attacks.

Furthermore, we saw great opportunities for guest posts on the American and Danish markets. Therefore, we chose to focus heavily on the guest post tactic in these two markets.

We saw considerable potential in ramping up our SEO efforts to increase awareness and lead generation for LogPoint in a very competitive market. The collaboration with Bonzer has already taken our SEO efforts to the next level, and we are excited about the future partnership and the results hereof

Nicolai Zerlang, VP Marketing, LogPoint