Updated 16. September 2021 by Ulrich Svarrer

Ch-Ch-Changes: Bonzer’s new brand identity

Ch-Ch-Changes: Bonzer’s new brand identity

It’s time for our brand identity to evolve. This is but one of many changes coming to Bonzer. Our previous brand identity was stylistically safe; not many chances were taken when it was developed – and the same could be said of our work as a company. But now, we feel that our concept and existence have been validated so thoroughly that the time has come to move away from what is safe and move into unexplored territory – in every sense of the word.

On the hunt for our new brand identity, we’ve tried to look inside ourselves. Our goal has always been to create a brand that reflects our ambition and seriousness as a progressive company. We don’t just try to challenge the status quo: we truly believe that we can change this industry for the better – even if only a little.

The light blue colour seemed an obvious choice. Among other things, light blue symbolises sincerity and steadfastness; qualities which are an integral part of Bonzer’s DNA. We take responsibility for all that we do – particularly towards our clients, but also towards the societies within which we operate. Effective marketing often compromises on ethics and morals, and this is where we draw our line: our clients deserve to get the maximum benefit of working with us. But the end clients – our clients’ clients – are just as important, and they deserve to benefit just as much from our work.

Along with the light blue, we have decided to keep the new look clean and have gone for black and white. These colours have always been near to our heart: to us, they symbolise seriousness and transparency. We don’t beat around the bush, and we always strive to be honest and direct towards our clients. Truth, morals, and ethics cannot be qualified – and neither can black and white.

Our new font (Space Grotesk) underlines Bonzer’s fondness for technology. Even though our services aren’t just technological – they’re also human and empirical – we see this as a font that communicates seriousness, but also creativity and development.

We don’t want to be like everyone else. We want to challenge, take chances, and always base our work on what feels right – and our new brand identity does.

/Ulrich, CEO at Bonzer