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Google News July 2021

Google News July 2021

Every month Google share updates from the algorithm improvements. Therefore it is even more important staying up to date with these changes of you’re working with SEO one way or another.

We have gathered the biggest updates that came during July 2021. A month that both gave us a Core Update, link spam update and ranking factor info from Google.

So all in all we had a hectic month in the algorithm jungle…

Once Again a New Core Update (July 2021 Core Update)

Google has rolled out their second part of the June core update based on improvements in the search algorithm.

Earlier this year Google said that they was fighting spam with AI, so it could be that Google may have introduced more efficient spam fighting.

Notices made in the SEO community after the core update include:

  • Less ccTLD Domain Crowding
  • Sites with quality links keep results
  • Fluctations in spam content

Action after this core update (as it is with any update) would be to analyze the fluctations and see if rankings have decreased. If so Google always have their guidance to follow.

Google and GoDaddy in New Partnership

In July Google announced that they were teaming up with GoDaddy. The partnership will focus on helping website owners getting their products more visbility.

But merchants aren’t the only ones who will benefit from the new partnership. Google wants searchers to have better choices when it comes to finding products online.

Therefore this new partnership both creates more visibility for online merchants and also give Google users broader shopping choices (just like the partnership with Shopify).

Read more about it here.

New Structured Data For Job Listings

Google has introduced a new structured data markup property for job listings that makes it possible for prospects to apply directly on the website of the employer.

The new property – called directApply – allows employers to indicate when there is an option for prospective employees to apply for a job on the site.

Google elaborates that this markup is suitable for job listings that meet a certain set of user actions. User actions that are required to apply for the specific job. The user must be met with a straightforward application process.

For further information Google has shared the job posting update including more details.

New Structured Data For Job Listings

Free Tools Launched For Marketers in The Travel Industry

Google has launched free tools for travel marketers to use gaining more insight into what consumers are actually searching for.

The insight tool includes both travel and hotels details. Details including Destination Insights, Hotel Insights, Focusing Facts and Demand Sizing.

The tool can be used to create content and target the audience even smarter to improve commercial value.

Read about it here in Google’s own words.

free tools for marketers in the travel Industry - nevada example

Google Search Console Adds Link to Page Experience Guide for AMP

Google Search Console is now directing website owners to additional resources when debugging AMP page experience issues.

A link to the guide will be shown when examining URLs in the Page Experience and Core Web Vitals reports.

When you click on the link the AMP Page Experience Guide will open a report that helps with debugging issues related to Google’s page experience update.

The AMP Page Experience Guide contains the necessary optimizations that are recommended for you to provide a great user experience.

A new Way to Optimize Videos For Search

Google has once again shared a new way to optimize videos for search results. This time it’s when videos are published on the creator’s own website – and not YouTube.

From now on it’s easier for publishers to markup their videos for the ‘key moments’ rich snippet. This makes it possible for searchers to navigate directly to certain segments in a video.

Google further adds that the SeekToAction markup is a markup that only applies to videos embedded on one’s own website – read more here.

a new way to optimize videos for search

Google introduces Free Deals Listings

Google is from now on (July) highlighting deals in the shopping tab of search results.

Google has chosen to surface offers based on factors including the discount, how popular a product is and how popular the site it’s listed on is.

Google introduces free deals listings graphic

During the next couple of months, deals will also appear on the main search results page. Retailers can hereby take advantage of this feature no matter if they pay for ads on Google or not. Something we like in the organic search industry.

This creates opportunities for e-commerce stores to move inventory, drive sales, and attract new customers when there are important shopping events and general peak season.

Google Expands ‘About This Result’ and Share Ranking Factors

Google has expanded the ‘About This Result’ panel with deeper information about what factors went into ranking a page in search results. This includes both factors such as content and backlinks. This will be an extra helpful factor when analyzing certain queries before defining a strategy for your site.

example on about this result in google

The expansion is now live for 10% of eligible users and will roll out to 100% later. Further It’s available in English in the U.S. for now – but will have a wider rollout in the next months

Read about it here.

New Link Spam Algorithm Update Rolled Out

Google began the rollout of the “link spam update,” which makes the algorithms even more effective at identifying link spam – something that threatens link schemes across the world.

The update began the rollout the 26th of July and will finish within two weeks from this date.

This update is more important than others typical updates since spammy links can decrease visibility in Google search and therefore challenge company goals.

On the other hand if you’re following Google guidelines you can probably see an increase in visibility.