Updated 7. July 2021 by Thomas Bogh

Google News: June 2021 (feat. Core Updates)

Google News: June 2021 (feat. Core Updates)

Every month, we give you an update on all the new developments in the Google landscape. This entry covers June – and there are plenty of updates to report on.

If you work with SEO, this news is particularly important to you: it can factor into yours or your client’s site position in the search results.

Google June Core Update is rolled out (feat. July Core Updates)

In the month of June (2 June) Google came out with its first big algorithm update – also called a Core Update – since December 2020. A Core Update is an update of Google’s algorithm based on the guidelines and updates introduced since the last Core Update.

Normally, these updates stretch across two weeks, and it usually takes a number of months before a big update of this sort comes out again. But that’s not what happened this time.

On 1 July Google was already able to announce another Core Update, which was basically a part 2 to the first one (which did not finish rolling out before the July update came along).

The July update could be particularly positive news to businesses experiencing a decline in their site positions after the first update. However, it could also have the opposite effect on those experiencing a surge following the June Core Update.

If you’ve experienced fluctuations in site position, you can see Google’s guidelines to learn more about how to handle a Google Core Update.

The long-awaited ‘Page Experience’ update (Core Web Vitals)

Google’s Page Experience update has finally rolled out. After many months’ waiting and preparation, Page Experience is now a search engine ranking factor behind which Core Web Vitals and mobile friendliness are central elements.

Below, you will see an overview of the search signals for Page Experience.

Page experience signals

If you’ve yet to start optimising this, starting now would be a good idea.

This update is expected to fully finish rolling out towards the end of August.

Google rolls out spam update

Overall, June was a month of updates. On top of both the Core Update and Page Experience, on 23 June Google also introduced a new anti-spam update.

This update is intended to help keep the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) free from low quality content and spam.

If you’re the owner of a website or the administrator of a client’s site, it’s a good idea to check that your website is secure and protected from hacking.

Because Google reports that spam penalties can sometimes occur – penalties which will decrease your rankings.

This once again speaks in favour of white hat over black hat SEO.

Google introduces Search Console Insights

Google has introduced a new and strong tool to Google Search Console. This tool is Search Console Insights, and it will make it easier for you to gain an overview of your data.

By combining Google Search console with Google Analytics, it gives you significantly more knowledge about users’ search journey.

Among other things, Search Console Insights gives you answers to the following:

  • What content performs the best – and what is trending
  • How users find your content
  • What users search for to find your content

Only 2 FAQ rich results show in the search results now

For a long time, Google has allowed structured data to be shown in its search results. This has made room for many different types of results – including FAQs.

Based on experience with this, Google has now decided to limit FAQ rich results to 2 per search. This is to avoid taking up too much space and to avoid websites using the FAQ results for spam.

Otherwise, FAQs are a great way to help users find answers to sub-questions, which can help improve CTR (Click-Through-Rate).

Christmas eve faq

FAQs remain a great SEO asset – the competition just intensifies.