Updated 2. November 2021 by Peter Ottendahl Anberg

Google News October 2021

Google News October 2021

The month of October hasn’t been brimming with product updates or algorithm changes. Instead, we’ve gotten a lot of answers from Google on how they view and rank content around the web. 

Read on to find out the most important SEO news for the month of October.

Google updates their rater guidelines 

You don’t build the world’s largest search engine without constantly working to improve it.

One of the ways Google tests changes is through manual reviews. Here, actual living human beings rate search results by which degree it fulfills the query.

Recently, Google updated their rater guidelines. It’s a long, arduous document, but it’s interesting reading if you want to know what Google views as high quality content.

You can read more here or follow this link to see the rater guidelines

Continuous scrolling for mobile search

Mobile users are used to scrolling. Whether it’s through Facebook, Instagram or TikTok.

And now, Google brings the same seamless searcher experience to their mobile search results.

This means that page 2, 3 and so forth will automatically load when a searcher reaches the bottom of the SERP.

This is being rolled out in the U.S. currently. Read more here. 

Google expands the Search Analytics API

Good news, data lovers!

Google just announced that their Search Analytics API now encompasses Discover and News besides the usual SERP metrics like clicks and impressions.

So if you’re wanting to build beautiful dashboards or work with in-depth data analysis, it’s now easier than ever before.

This is another exciting step in Google’s journey towards SEO being about more than just the good ol’ SERP.

Site quality can affect rich results

In a recent Google after-hours hangout, John Mueller clarified that whether or not Google displays rich results (like FAQ, ratings, product price and similar enhancements) is not just a question of adding the right markup to the page.

It’s also a question of website quality. If Google evaluates your website poorly, you’ll have a hard time displaying rich results in the SERPs.

“If we’re not convinced about the website, then usually we don’t show any rich results. And that would include the FAQs.”

Read more about this here.

Google reveals what quality content is to them

In a traditional view, quality content is about delivering high-quality text.

But Google goes way beyond that in their assessments. According to John Mueller, it also encompasses visual elements, speed, technical factors and the quality of the whole website.

“It’s really the quality of your overall website.

And that includes everything from the layout to the design.”

Product price is not a ranking factor

Google is easily able to figure out the price of products on your page – especially if you’ve added structured data.

And in some cases, they’ll pull that off your page and display it straight on the SERP.

But if you deal in high-end items, don’t worry. In a recent hangout, John Mueller clarified that product prices are not ranking factors.

“…it’s not the case that we would say we’ll take the cheaper one and rank that higher. I don’t think that would really make sense.”

New eco-friendly search filters

A lot of people want to be more environmentally conscious. And with a slew of new search filters, Google is making that easier than ever.

Google Flights: The ability to search, sort and filter flights based on carbon emissions.

Google Maps: You will now be able to select the most fuel-efficient routes. This is available now in the US and in 2022 for Europe.

Google Shopping: You will be able to find the most environmentally friendly appliances like fridges, ovens and such.