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Search Engine Recap - Week 6 (2024)

Every week, we bring you a roundup of the most important news and updates from the search engine world, ensuring you're always up to date with developments and staying ahead of the competition. Welcome to week 6.

The sixth week of the year saw several exciting initiatives from Google, including updates from Gemini, Google Maps, and insights into what's happening with a search engine like Yandex. Here's your full overview.

Google's SEO Starter Guide Updated

Earlier this month, Google announced updates to their SEO Starter Guide. These updates have now been implemented, featuring a compressed and more precise version where the elements are more interconnected. This reflects Google's holistic view of websites, rather than focusing on individual signals.

google seo starter guide update

The guide emphasizes creating focused and trustworthy websites. Key takeaways include the importance of contextually relevant links and surrounding content that can improve rankings.

Furthermore, it suggests that businesses should create a clear site structure to enhance user efficiency and produce precise content for mobile users. It also notes that longer content does not necessarily mean better content, as mobile users often prefer simpler experiences.

Lastly, Google highlights the use of cohesive visual elements to enhance professionalism and credibility.

All SEO professionals should adapt to these insights to boost performance.

Bard Transforms into Gemini

Google has updated its AI service by renaming 'Bard' to 'Gemini' and has introduced the Ultra 1.0 model, which enhances capacity for tasks such as coding.

bard becomes gemini

A new Gemini mobile app for both Android and iOS devices has also been launched, making AI technology more accessible. It will initially be rolled out in English and then other markets.

'Gemini Advanced', utilizing the Ultra 1.0 model, aims to support complex tasks and improve over time with new features and languages. Google has also introduced a Google One AI Premium Plan, offering advanced AI features and storage solutions.

Overall, Google aims to integrate Gemini across its product portfolio, including consumer apps and Google Cloud, to make cutting-edge AI capabilities widely available and enhance user experiences and productivity across Google's services.

Google Maps with New AI Functionality

Google Maps has introduced an AI-powered feature for personalized recommendations of local businesses. Using Large Language Models (LLM), the feature analyzes maps data to suggest businesses and activities tailored to the user's interests, offering a more dynamic way to discover local spots.

google maps ai function

This could significantly impact local searches for businesses, potentially requiring new optimization strategies that better match conversational-based searches.

Synergy between Search Console APIs and CMS

A Google case study demonstrates the transformative use of Search Console APIs, particularly in collaboration with the well-known Content Management System, Wix, leading to a more integrated SEO experience within CMS dashboards.

search console api example with wix

This synergy has not only simplified SEO tasks directly in Wix's dashboard but has also led to notable improvements in user traffic and financial performance for e-commerce domains.

This is a clear example of how API usage can extend the functionalities of the Search Console, making SEO insights more accessible within different user interfaces.

Google has phased out its "cached" link feature, which provided access to stored versions of web pages. This change pushes users towards the 'Internet Archive's Wayback Machine' to access historical web content.

The decision aligns with Google's cost-saving measures and the improved reliability of websites, reducing the need for cached versions.

Yandex Becomes More Russian

We conclude with news from Yandex. Yandex, often referred to as "Russia's Google," is being sold by its Dutch parent company, making its Russian operations fully owned by Russia.

This follows allegations that Yandex censored information about the war in Ukraine, aligning with Russia's goal to maintain digital control amidst foreign companies' exits due to the conflict in Ukraine.

Yandex offers various services, including a search engine that holds nearly 2% of the international market.

Takeaways and Recommendations

Google continues to lead in AI development, highlighted this week by Bard's transformation into Gemini, and updates to Google Maps.

These new tools and functionalities support the evolving needs we increasingly seek in the modern technological world.

We also gained insights into the value of APIs between CMSs and Google Search Console. The accessibility of insights becomes even more crucial for businesses to understand their customers' preferences and behaviors.

With a significant focus on search engine development, Google must also prioritize new formats over old ones. We saw the "cached" link feature being phased out, and Google updated its SEO Starter Guide. Developments like these are what we need to continually adapt to, underscoring the importance of keeping up with search engine advancements.

However, we also saw news from other search engines, like Yandex, where Russian control is creating a debate on how information in the country will be created and shared going forward.

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Let us show you an SEO strategy that can take you to the next level

A brief meeting, where we review your position in the market and present the opportunities.