Artland managed to rank for +130.000 keywords – this is how it was done…

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Key results

  • Growth in organic traffic: 719%

  • Growth in impressions on Google: 3.431%

  • Development in keyword rankings: 240%

Behind Artland we find two Danish men, but the company’s ambition has always been set towards the international market. Their vision is that, regardless of whether you want to sell, buy, read about or look at art, Artform should be the platform to go to. The Artform platform has had great potential right from the start and since the beginning of our collaboration, our common goal has been to ensure that Artland reaches its full organic potential.

General Development

In order to achieve the best results, we took a holistic approach when working with the website.

The SEO situation in September 2019

Before our collaboration took off, Artland worked primarily with content for the domain “” which meant that the main domain “” had almost no traffic at all. Consequently, our first task was to merge the two domains into one - this without losing any traffic. An extremely technical task seen through a pair of SEO glasses.

The big drop indicates the moment the page was transferred from to and all content was 301 redirected to the new domain.

The SEO situation in May 2020

Monthly increase in organic traffic

Through our cooperation, Artland has seen a continuous and stable development in organic traffic, but in the spring of 2020 it really took off.

In just two months, the daily traffic increased from approximately 1.500 to more than 5.000.

Development in organic keywords

Artland is a large platform, and we immediately saw great potential in working with all the artists, galleries and exhibitions in the Artland portfolio_._

Thanks to automated content production, we were able to effectively create large quantities of unique descriptions for the thousands of URLs that make up the Artland platform.

This resulted in the explosive development of keywords shown below.

Development in the number of referring domains, which affects DR

Our focus has been on creating an organic link building strategy with Digital PR and data-driven outreach, among other things.

Much thanks to Artland’s own work, we have been able to obtain more and more dofollow links as the collaboration progressed. Among those links we find:

So, what did we do?

  • When we started our collaboration in May 2019, we saw that Artland already had very good content. Their content was relevant, well-written and visually appealing –  when it comes to the art field, Artland managed to tick all the boxes needed to fulfill the E-A-T requirements. However, a large part of the content was not performing organically, which meant that many users never had the chance to enjoy this well-written content. We decided to conduct a comprehensive Content Audit, which is the basis for achieving the full potential of the content.

Effect: A sharp increase inthe number of keywords that rank on page 1, generating traffic to the page.

  • We merged Artland's two domains: and As both domains had links and traffic, this helped to consolidate the domain strength. Articles from (today were transferred to the subdomain

Effect: As links were redirected and gathered in one place, the consolidation resulted in an dramatic increase of DR.

  • We began building a link profile for Artland consisting of links that have trustworthiness, relevance and authority. Among the link tactics that have worked best for Artland are broken link building and skyscraper. This has been a key ingredient in pushing Artland up on Google among the most important keywords.

Effect: Increase in DR (Domain Rating) from 35 in May 2019, to 63 in April 2020.

  • We advised and partly executed a digital PR pitch based on Artland’s 3D Exhibition Universe and the current global situation.

Effect: Links from authoritative domains such as Forbes, DR, Washington Post and Elle Decor.

  • We advised and assisted with the execution of an automated content strategy, in which we used “bots” to generate and add extended descriptions for thousands of URLs. Effect: The number of keywords that Artland currently ranks on has increased by more than 130.000.

From day one Bonzer has shared our level of ambition and taken our organic traffic to new, unexpected heights.

To us, Bonzer now feels like a permanent part of our business, which indeed is invaluable. Instead of invoicing and calculating work hours, their focus lies on creating great value and output.

They are passionate about our success and always provide us with top quality work, whether it be link building or advise on the more technical aspects of SEO.

Mattis Curth, CEO, Artland

Let us show you an SEO strategy that can take you to the next level

A brief meeting, where we review your position in the market and present the opportunities.