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Key results

  • Growth in organic traffic: 482%

  • Growth in conversions from organic traffic: 1288%

  • Development in domain rating: 122%

The collaboration between Contractbook and Bonzer began in early 2018. Even though the collaboration now is in its third year (and counting), it continues to present impressive numbers when it comes to both development and increasing ROI.

In the beginning of 2018 the newly started businesses Bonzer and Contactbook set out on a growth journey together, something we have covered in a previous blog post. Much has happened since then. Perhaps the most noticeable event took place on November 19th, 2020, when Google’s AI venture fund Gradient Ventures decided to invest €3,5 millions in Contractbook. You can read more on the investment in TechEU and Silicon Republic.

Now we are eager to tell you the story behind this growth.

What has happened since last time?

In this case, we focus on the growth Contractbook experienced with SEO over the period August 2019 - August 2020. We would like to go in depth on the SEO strategy and the concrete work done during this period.

But before we dive headlong into Contractbook’s growth the past year, we would like to give you an insight into the traffic from when the collaboration started.

What is Contractbook?

Before we dive into the strategy, we would like to present the main character of this case.

Contractbook is a Saas business that offers contract management software that allows you to manage, edit and archive contracts. The company has a wide range of contract templates which are easily accessible for both companies and individuals. With Contractbook you also have the opportunity to find information about legal terms and other useful things related to contracts.

General Development

When we started the collaboration with Contractbook in March 2018, the organic traffic had not started yet. This did not happen until September - seven months after we began.

The reason why it took until September before things started to happen was because Contractbook hadn’t prioritized investing in content marketing from an early stage. As a brand new domain, it takes both time and hard work to build Google authority. Domain authority is one of the key factors the algorithm uses when it assesses which result has the highest trustworthiness. But good things come to those who wait (and work hard 😉).  Proof of this can be seen in the diagrams below where the increase in traffic has kept a high cadence.

Since the collaboration started, the domain has been changed from to In the two diagrams above you can clearly see the successful migration between the two domains (i.e how traffic from the .co domain was forwarded to the .com domain).

Content strategies that target several search intents

In addition to our holistic optimization of the website, including technical SEO and link building, we assisted in building a content marketing strategy that will provide continuous relevant traffic that can be measured by the number of conversions.

NOTE! Please note that the examples shown below are taken exclusively from the Danish site

The Dictionary

This is an area where the user can gain more knowledge about different technical terms within the legal and technical field. The purpose of this dictionary was to create a search tool that would give comprehensive definitions of terms.

Effect: 1 735 organic keywords that hit some very topic-specific terms, which in the long run also leads to new potential customers.

Template archive

By making it accessible to work in free templates, our template archive is attracting potential new customers. The purpose behind the archive is to make the users accustomed to Contractbook's system and thereby see the benefits of working in a safe and efficient environment while handling sensitive information.

Effect: 96 organic keywords on page 1 on Google that hit search intent with great business value for Contractbook.


Contractbook has a new blog on their English site. Content related to the topics Compliance, Tech & Software, HR and Trade, is published here on a weekly basis.

All blog posts are keyword optimized and are part of the larger content marketing strategy.

We have helped Contractbook building a framework for the blog and finding writers who are experts in their respectable fields.

It is difficult to get around measurable key figures when talking about digital marketing, and since the beginning of the collaboration, our focus has been that the SEO work we do also could be measured.

For that reason, let’s have a look at four of the key figures that have been most important in this case.

Monthly organic traffic:

  • – Monthly organic conversions

  • – Number of keywords on page 1

  • – Domain score

Increase in monthly organic traffic

When working with SEO, increased traffic is an obvious KPI to measure. However, it is important to have in mind that the traffic coming in should be relevant.

You can measure this by integrating soft conversions and set tracking on them. This way you can get an insight into whether the traffic is relevant or not.

Effect: In one year, traffic has increased by 60% and it continues to increase.

Increased number of conversions from organic traffic

By integrating content updates such as free templates, organic can be a channel that contributes nicely to the total number of conversions.

Effect: In one year, Contractbook’s main conversions increased by 1288%.

Development of organic keywords on page 1

Today, Contractbook is ranked with 755 keywords on page 1 on Google. This means that Contractbook today has a solid amount of continuous traffic, without having continuous expenses for distribution.

A year ago the number of keywords on page 1 was 397. What we see now is a more explosive growth rate than ever before. As the new content hubs are still relatively new to Google, we expect this number to increase continuously at the same high rate.

When we started the number of keywords on page 1 was just four. We didn’t see an increase until September 18th – seven months later. This is a typical time horizon when you want an unknown page in the Google index to rank high in the search results.

Development of Domain Rating

An important reason for Contractbook’s success on Google can be attributed to linking domains referring back to

Today the number of relevant and strong domains that links back to the site is 322. The impressively high number is a result of our link building efforts and Contractbook understanding of the importance of links in publications.

Thank you for reading

This was a brief presentation on how Contractbook put acoustics in their organic presence, again and again.

The case shows how you, with the help of thorough analysis and strategy, can lay the right foundation for an explosive growth that just keeps growing.

We are looking forward to seeing where Contractbook is in another year!

Bonzer is next level s ****! Professional, passionate, result-oriented, hungry, innovative, and skilled communicatively. All in all, a hyper-efficient company that I trust 100%.

Viktor Heide, COO, Contractbook

Let us show you an SEO strategy that can take you to the next level

A brief meeting, where we review your position in the market and present the opportunities.