580%. That is how much ØNSK’s traffic value increased. This is what we did


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Key results

  • Estimated Organic Traffic: +206% (Ahrefs)

  • Traffic Value: +580% (Ahrefs)

  • Avg. monthly conversion value: +156% (Google analytics)

  • Impressions: +96% (Google Search Console)

  • Keywords on page 1: +81% (Ahrefs)

ØNSK and their astonishing SEO-results

In February 2021, we began our collaboration with the Danish coffee distributor ØNSK, who chooses, imports, roasts, and sells organic premium coffees. At the time of writing, the collaboration lasted seven months, in which we have seen quite impressive results SEO-wise.

In this case, we will walk you through the following:

  • Who is ØNSK?

  • What was the strategy for the SEO collaboration?

  • What results did we achieve?

  • How did we achieve these results?

So, who is ØNSK?

ØNSK is not your regular coffee distributor. Sustainability is permeated in the spirit of ØNSK; it regards everything from their packaging, which is biodegradable, to their relations with the hand-picked coffee farmers.

ØNSK sells both the flavourful coffee you want to brew and the quality equipment you need. ØNSK imports their hand-picked coffees to their facility in Nørrebro, Copenhagen, where the fresh beans are also roasted.

What was the strategy for the SEO collaboration?

The collaboration started by gaining insights and understanding ØNSK’s strategy and position on the market. With these insights, we began our analysis and defined a tailored strategy for ØNSK.

There are always different circumstances for different clients - and ØNSK was no exception. They had competent in-house content writing skills, which we took advantage of. Thereby, we utilized more of our time and resources on the things that were not ØNSK’s key competencies. These included:

  • Analyzing the technical fitness of their site

  • Identifying keywords that new produced content should target

  • Splitting up category pages to meet the search intent

  • Build healthy links using white hat link building tactics

The actions above were means to increase the organic traffic, make ØNSK more exposed in the search results on Google, gain more relevant traffic, and establish a converting coffee universe at

What results did we achieve?

It is essential to mention that we achieved these results with ØNSK. SEO-success requires collaboration, and the sublime collaboration with ØNSK was a precondition for achieving these results. For example, ØNSK had an in-house journalist and Digital Marketing Coordinator who wrote most of the content and provided crucial insights. In this case, this enabled us to take care of more link building, creating even more value.

Organic traffic

The estimated organic traffic is an estimated parameter for the organic traffic based on keyword rankings and their respective search volumes. We use this metric instead of the Google Analytics measurement in order to subtract seasonal fluctuations.

Since the beginning of the collaboration in February, we have seen a steady increase in organic traffic. Even without using the spiking data points at the beginning of August, there has been an increase of 206%.

Organic traffic value

This metric estimates how much the total traffic would have cost if the page were to attract the same traffic via paid ads such as Google Ads.

We see a sharp increasing trend with a peak in start August. That is due to ØNSK’s rankings on keywords with a higher cost per click, which indicates rankings on keywords that are more attractive in terms of revenue.

Organic conversion value

The organic conversion value is an expression of how much value the organic traffic generates. Technically, it is a first-touch attribution model where the conversion with an organic first touch is attributed to the organic traffic.
The average monthly conversion value attributed to the organic traffic has seen an increase of 156%. That can be attributed to both the growth of the organic traffic value and the fact that we have created more relevant traffic for ØNSK.


An impression is defined as being shown in the search results on Google once.

Therefore, an increase in impressions can both increase your brand awareness as well as your organic traffic and conversions. Logically, we see a correlation between organic keywords and impressions.

In this case, we almost doubled the impressions with an increase of 96%.

Keywords on page 1

Whenever we have a ranking in the search results ranging from 1-10, we have a keyword on page 1. However, keywords can have different ammount of searches. Naturally, there will be more people searching for ‘Facebook’ than ‘organic coffee from Nicaragua’. Therefore, there is not necessarily a clear correlation between the keywords on page 1 and the organic traffic, even though it is often an indication of an increase in the organic traffic.

We managed to increase the total amount of keywords on page 1 for ØNSK by 81%.

How did we achieve these results?

These great results did not come by themselves. We created a tailored strategy for ØNSK based on their wishes and market position. After we agreed on the strategy we began the content writing, link building, and technical execution.

Tailored strategy

At the beginning of the cooperation, we asked ØNSK some general questions about their competition, strategy, and resources. Based on these answers, we saw that they had competent in-house content writing skills that could manage most of the content. This left us with more time for SEO-initiatives that were not within their field of expertise, such as link building and technical SEO-support.

Collaboration on content writing

As mentioned before, ØNSK had content writing skills in-house. These resources are ultimately better at reaching the right tone of voice. Also, ØNSK has a better understanding of their own product, which naturally makes them able to achieve the right content faster. Production of content that meets search intent, like the content that was produced for ØNSK is also one of the reasons for the increase in the organic conversion value.

We decided on a solution where Bonzer delivered the keyword analysis and the needed content briefs to ØNSK to give the client the most value for money.

Link building is a way of making your site more authoritative and trustworthy in the eyes of Google. In short, it is all about making other authoritative websites refer to your site via links.

We always focus on the low-hanging fruit to begin with. This also regards our link building focus. We have an extensive client portfolio in Bonzer where we managed to exchange relevant and traffic-creating links to increase the authority (A ranking parameter for Google) of ØNSK as well as for our other clients. A win-win situation, one could argue.

To gain new links from relevant websites, we use outreach to make the site link to ØNSK. There are several tactics. One of the tactics we used was to identify sites that mention ØNSK in advance and draw attention to the fact that they are not currently linking to ØNSK. Thereby, creating a well-deserved backlink to ØNSK and increasing the user experience for the given site visitors.

Technical SEO initiatives

As we experience for many of our clients, ØNSK had some technical issues before we began working on their technical SEO. These issues might range from missing metadata to orphan pages. ØNSK’s key-competences are of course importing, roasting, and distributing quality coffee and not taking care of 404 pages or redirects. Therefore, we decided to consult on the technical errors and fix some of the technical issues ourselves.

"We have seen significant development in our SEO-efforts since we began our collaboration with Bonzer. It has been a very good interplay between our knowledge and intention to distribute coffee, and Bonzer's guidance on what keywords create value, technical knowledge on how to implement our content, and website structure in order to make our blogposts, categories and products rank on Google."

Andreas Kirk, CEO & Co-owner, ØNSK

Let us show you an SEO strategy that can take you to the next level

A brief meeting, where we review your position in the market and present the opportunities.