General Terms and Conditions for Bonzer ApS

These Terms and Conditions are applicable for all agreements entered into before the 10th of July 2023. You may find our newest Terms and Conditions on this page.

1. General 

1.1 Present standard conditions apply to all deliveries from Bonzer ApS.

1.2 Bonzer ApS is hereinafter referred to as “Bonzer”, and the party to whom Bonzer will deliver or provide a service is hereinafter referred to as the “Client.”

1.3 The “Parties” refers to Bonzer and the Client. These General Terms are hereinafter referred to as the “Terms.”

1.4 A documented agreement between Bonzer and the Client is hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement.” This also applies to agreements in the plural.

2. Payment Conditions and Prices

2.1 The due date for issued invoices is 8 days from the invoice date, unless otherwise agreed.

2.2 If the invoice payment is late, a 100 DKK reminder fee will be charged cf. the Danish Interest Rates Act Article 9b, Section 2.

2.3 In the event of nonpayment by the Client, Bonzer has the right to withhold or discontinue the product or delivery.

2.4 The prices of Bonzer’s services are stated in the Agreement.

2.5 Bonzer operates with a standard hourly rate of 1000 DKK / hour for any services provided.

3. Termination of Agreement and Duration

3.1 The duration of the Agreement between the Parties will be stated in the Agreement.

3.2 By written agreement, the Parties may continuously adjust the duration and extent of the Agreement.

3.3 All Agreements are divided into 30-day intervals starting from the 1st or the 15th of any given month.

3.4 The Agreement may be terminated by either Party upon giving 1 month’s notice before the end of an interval.

4. Liability

4.1 For any claim relating to Bonzer’s fulfillment or non-fulfillment of its obligations, the Client is entitled to compensations for the direct losses with the following limitations:

4.1.1 Bonzer’s liability is limited to direct damages / losses and is – regardless of the cause and the nature of the claim – limited to the amount invoiced for the service that caused the damage / loss or is the cause of or directly related to the claim. However, Bonzer’s liability maximum is the value of the last 6 months’ worth of invoicing.

4.1.2 Bonzer is in no way liable to the Client for any lost profits, loss of production and sales, lost savings, or other indirect losses or consequential damages due to the use of the service sold or the inability to use it.

4.1.3 The above limitations of liability apply regardless of whether the Client has informed Bonzer of the possible occurrence of such claims and also apply in the event of claims from third parties.

5. Reference

5.1 Bonzer has the right to use the Client’s logo and name as reference unless otherwise stated in the Agreement.

6. Confidentiality

6.1 The Parties’ duty of confidentiality is stated in the Agreement.

7. Disputes

7.1 As a first instance, any dispute between the Parties regarding these Terms, the Agreement, or the Parties cooperation in general is subject to Danish law, and must be settled by the City Court of Copenhagen.

8. Protection of Personal Information

8.1 On completion of contact forms in which Bonzer receives information such as name, email, or telephone number, Bonzer has the right to contact the Party via email and telephone unless the Party has specified to Bonzer that they do not wish to be contacted.

8.2 It is always possible to request that Bonzer no longer contact you by sending an email to [email protected].

8.3 Bonzer will not sell information submitted in a contact form etc. to third parties.