What we do at Bonzer

Strategy creation

We create strategies based on in-depth analysis work. Without in-depth analysis, we wouldn’t be able to understand our clients’ businesses — and understanding our clients’ businesses and goals is crucial to creating strategies.

Based on current performance, market position, target group insights, and defined customer journey mapping, we define strategies in collaboration with our clients.

We plan 12 months ahead — but evaluate our work continually

Every strategy is typically a 12-month roadmap with the most important sprints allocated within the first three months — what we call a phase. We always look for low-hanging fruits that can generate faster results and sustainable growth for our clients.

Even though we have a 12-month strategy, every phase makes it possible to adapt to new trends, product updates, or anything else that needs a prioritized assessment along the way.

With prioritization exercises every quarter (i.e. every phase), we make sure to have the most up-to-date and competitive roadmaps possible.

Our sprints

Our sprints are time-limited focused efforts in order to achieve the goals we want to achieve in collaboration with our client. This is the very essence of our playbook.

At Bonzer, we create sprints for every part of the SEO space — and we combine and optimize them based on experiences from client cases as well as industry news.

Combined with our agile way of working with SEO strategies, this makes our sprints even more effective every time we use them.

What kinds of sprints define the playbook?

SEO is based on three pillars: technical optimization, content, and link building. This is what lays the foundation for the sprint categories we work with:

Technical optimization

Content marketing

Link building

This is what lays the foundation for the sprint categories we work with:

  • Tech sprints: Tech sprints focus on everything within technical SEO optimization.
  • On-page sprints: On-page sprints are based on content and include everything from new content to optimizing existing content.
  • Off-page sprints: Off-page sprints are based on link building. This is where we use our competitive advantages and digital PR approach in order to increase our clients’ brand awareness.
  • Analytical sprints: With analytical sprints, we have the opportunity to optimize our clients’ SEO strategy as we proceed phase by phase. Here, we do sprints based on company news, market change, competitors, and more.

How it all works together

Combining these sprints into phases is what makes a market-leading strategy with no limits. This is made possible through team-based performance consisting of our resources and our clients’ marketing team.

Our consulting squads always make sure to deliver the strategy execution in collaboration with our in-house Technical Specialists and Content Specialists. This collaboration and joining of different and highly important professional competencies are what create the best possible SEO results for our clients. These results are our main goal — and every day we work tirelessly to make sure we reach it.